Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Accidents

There are countless ways that injuries are sustained. Many times, the accident is not the fault of the injured victim, but another party that acted negligently. They could have failed to exercise caution that a reasonable person would, and as a result another person is left dealing with the ramifications. One common way that this can be exhibited is through drunk driving. There are countless incidents every year. In fact, over 10,000 individuals died from a collision involving an impaired driver in 2010 alone. That same year, there were 1.4 million drivers that were taken into custody after being found with alcohol or drugs in their system. According to the US Department of Transportation, one person dies every 48 minutes in the U.S.; 30 people each day.

Approximately 18% of all traffic related deaths involve a driver that is under the influence. There were even more that suffered injuries and were left with the ramifications either short term or permanently. This is an accident that can be difficult to avoid because even if you are being cautious while driving, you may be unable to get out of the path of a driver that is not exercising reason. Drunk driving is a serious offense in any state, and it is looked at harshly because of the effects that have come from it. While law enforcement has taken great efforts to reduce the number of alcohol related accidents, the problem is so wide spread that it is difficult to get a handle on. There are a number of serious ramifications for those that are found driving drunk, and a person responsible for an accident resulting in an injury or a death will face even higher penalties. While this may be useful to bring the person to justice, for victims and families it is not enough.

There are many outcomes that can result, and any level of harm can be faced. Some can be easily recovered from, while others may deal with a catastrophic injury that they never make a full recovery from. Alcohol can affect people in many different ways, causing them to be far less equipped to get behind the wheel than they normally would be. Some of the main aspects of a person that can be altered include perception, ability to recognize danger or reactions and speed. Due to this loss of inhibitions, these situations can be even more diabolical when a driver is even more reckless than usual. When a person is operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol, their normal functions can be greatly impaired depending on their size and weight, the amount of alcohol they consumed and how recently they had it. Those most often involved in an alcohol related collision include younger individuals. In 2010, one out of three drivers with a blood alcohol content level of .08 percent or higher where between the ages of 21 and 24.

Expenses Caused by Drunk Driving Accidents

The cost of an injury can be incredibly high. According to the US Department of Transportation, drunk driving accidents are known to cost around $51 billion each year. Those that are injured can deal with the initial hospital expense, along with later medical treatments, modifications that may be necessary to make to a home for the injury or even the loss of wages for those that are left too disabled to work. Families can also deal with extensive expenses when their loved one is killed. There is likely to be the hospital bills for care prior to them passing, the funeral costs and some families may even suffer further if the individual lost was the main income earner for them.

If you are faced with an injury or you have a loved one that has suffered, you may have a claim to compensation. Contact America Law Center as soon as you can. In addition to the legal and administrative penalties that a drunk driver can face, they may be held liable for the damage they caused. America Law Center will seek to earn you the compensation you need and deserve to move on. Get in contact with America Law Center as soon as possible so we can review your case to determine if you are owed damages.

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