Expectations You Should Have For A Good Attorney

Lack of communication between you and your lawyer can cause you to believe that your lawyer is not executing their job efficiently, even if they are. It is within your rights to know exactly what is going on in your case at any given moment.


A very common misconception about law school is that they teach a lawyer how to do their job correctly. This is in fact false, as a law school’s primary concern is to give a lawyer the necessary tools to pass the Bar exam. Unfortunately, if you file a complaint to Bar associations about your lawyer being incompetent, you will not get many results. Bar associations only target lawyers that violate laws or extreme ethical principles, not lawyers that are just not good.


Lawyers must abide by a code of ethics that is specified in the state that they practice law. This code consists of:

  • Undivided loyalty to clients
  • Confidentially in all aspects
  • Competently represent their clients
  • Represent clients within bounds of the law
  • Place client interests instead of their own

Lawyers that fail to meet ethical standards, violate laws, or mislead clients can be appropriately disciplined and also disbarred.


When hiring a lawyer, it is important to have a fee agreement in writing. If not, these are potential complaints that you may suffer from:

  • “My bill is too high, and not what my lawyer and I agreed upon”
  • “My bill is not cataloged. I do not understand what my lawyer did to earn this amount”
  • “I shouldn’t have to pay a large amount, my lawyer did not do a good job at all”
  • “My attorney charged me the absolute amount for their service, when I know the paralegal did most of the work”
  • “My lawyer billed me for a phone call, even when the phone call was about overbilling”

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