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About Us

Why You Can Trust America Law Center?

About Us

Why did I become an attorney? Was it for justice? Was it for publicity and fame? Was it to make a lot of money? No. My first and foremost goal in becoming an attorney was and is to represent and take care of people who need legal help, as if they are part of my family. Kind of like your own personal professional bodyguard.

As I started my career, I began to notice that sometimes it seemed as if the client was working for the attorney rather than the attorney working for the client! At first, I didn’t give this much thought and continued to treat my customers like family. Someone they could trust and confide in. It turns out that this type of life view is a simple way to attract customers and comes naturally to me. Customers would come to me sharing stories of how unhappy they were with their attorney regardless of the outcome of their case. The attorney was a necessary evil that the client “thought” they had to work with, no matter how they were treated. Customers quickly started making comments about how I was “different” than their previous attorney. It seems that treating customers like family, with dignity and respect, was all that the clients were really looking for from their attorney. Customers started entrusting me with more and more things…things that can or did change their life forever. I was coined as a “Johnny on the spot” in that I went out of my way to accommodate the needs of my customers over my own and treated them like family. Though my practice was growing and my clients were satisfied, I did not forget about my initial observations about clients “working for their attorney.” Every day seemed to include at least one story of the “tail wagging the dog.” I could not stop thinking about this broken business relationship and was determined to find a solution! After years of looking for a viable and sustainable solution, I decided my only option was to create the solution… America Law Center.

So, what is America Law Center? America Law Center consists of attorneys throughout the United States that are committed to the same customer values that I have employed since day one. At America Law Center, we believe that our customers deserve an attorney that will treat them with dignity, respect and even like family. The attorneys are good, honest, understand the law, and respect the idea that they are able to provide a valuable service for all people. A service that most people cannot do for themselves. At America Law Center our Core Values consist of the following:

  • America Law Center doesn’t have clients, we have customers!
  • Care for the customer as if we were lifelong friends.
  • Treat the customer’s case as if it were our own.
  • Respect the customer’s needs, questions and concerns.
  • Treat the customer and their family with compassion, dignity and respect.
  • Be honest and trustworthy with the customer…and everyone, at all times.
  • Be available to talk, answer questions or just listen to the customer and their family.
  • Treat the customer’s case as if it is our only case.
  • Customers are important.
  • Attorneys are important, but not as important as customers.
  • Treat the customer the same way you want to be treated.

At America Law Center we do not believe it is necessary to hire a “suit” to handle your case. America Law Center will not be “your father’s attorney”! We are not stodgy or trite. What we are is friendly, competent, professional and attentive to our customers, their needs and their case. America Law Center will provide a no nonsense approach to your case. We want our customers to experience, with every communication, our Core Values. We want our customers to leave every conversation with a feeling relief and sense of peace in knowing that you, the customer, are important to us and that we are handling your case with care. America Law Center will keep you informed throughout your case. We want our customers to be fully informed about their case. We will also ask you questions about your expectations on results, timing, expenses and all other aspects of your case. This open and thorough communication allows us gain a better understanding of how you view your case. You will not experience tension when you communicate with America Law Center. America Law Center will be responsive to all of your questions and concerns. America Law Center will involve you in the strategy of your case. This facilitates a favorable outcome to your case and helps cement a solid and long lasting relationship. America Law Center will never assume that you inherently understand all of the actions taken in your case or the reasoning behind a decision. America Law Center will take the time to make certain that you have a working knowledge of what is going on in your case and why. America Law Center, will not wait until things happen in your case. We make things happen! Professional anticipation is critical.

These principles and Core Values are the foundation upon which I have built America Law Center. I realize that you, the customer, have the choice of determining what attorney or law firm is going to handle your case. Please consider choosing America Law Center, I trust that you will not be disappointed.


The Founder of America Law Center

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